Living Outside The Cubicle truly is the ultimate success

guide for the aspiring entrepreneur. If you've ever dreamed

of accomplishing greatness, and building your own business,

this book lays down the blueprint of how to achieve massive

success in both business, and life in general.

Written by multi-talented entrepreneur Darren Sugiyama, this book clarifies, directs and inspires all who dream of one day becoming a successful entrepreneur. In this highly anticipated book, Darren discusses:

     - How To Develop The Ultimate Goal Setting Program

     - The Key To Building Bulletproof Confidence

     - How To Develop Your Personal Brand

     - The Fine Art Of Prospecting

     - How To Become A Master Closer

     - And Much More...

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How I Built A $37 Million Insurance Agency In Less Than 7 Years is Darren Sugiyama’s tell-all book about how he started his insurance empire with nothing more than a cell phone, an unorthodox business plan, and a whole lot of ambition.  In this book, Darren discusses:

     - How To Become A Master Recruiter

     - The Importance Of Having A System-Driven Business

     - How To Design High-Impact Sales Scripts (that actually work)

     - How To Deliver The Perfect Sales Pitch To A Decision Maker

     - Building a Company Culture

     - The Secret to Managing 1099 Independent Contractors

     - And Much More...

"Now and again, a book comes along that rivets my attention because

it challenges how I think about things. Darren's book is such a book.

Drawing from a successful career, Darren spells out the critical drivers

to his success. His approach challenges conventional wisdom. It's

brash, unapologetic, and given his results, successful. Read it and see."  

                                - Cora Tellez, President & CEO, Sterling HSA

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The 6-Figure Retirement - The Best Kept Secret On How To Retire Wealthy explicitly explains the secret to creating tax-free retirement income. Unlike many other so-called "retirement planning books," there is no fluff or filler content, nor does Darren Sugiyama dance around any issues.

He is direct and transparent in communicating his views on the life insurance industry, as well as the investment and financial services industry as a whole.

His refreshing perspective is clearly laid out in layman's terms, and though the strategies he discusses are complex, Darren Sugiyama has successfully and brilliantly communicated the complexities and mysteries of the financial world in a way that just about anyone can understand.

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The Icon Effect is a story about Vincent, a 27-year old aspiring entrepreneur with big dreams.  But after going through a devastating divorce, he finds himself emotionally drained, lacking confidence and dead broke.  

However, a chance encounter with The Icon (a billionaire business mogul) results in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to change the direction of his life, forever.  

Vincent becomes the newest protégé of The Icon, and is offered an internship at the most powerful wealth management firm in Beverly Hills.  As his internship progresses, his relationship with The Icon grows far beyond a conventional boss/employee relationship.  The Icon becomes his business mentor, his father-figure and his best friend.  

In Vincent’s pursuit of money and power, The Icon introduces him to several very wealthy and powerful mentors – his former protégés – and as Vincent enters the world of the financially elite, he develops several unlikely yet invaluable friendships along the way. 

The Icon Effect is both an inspirational story and an aspirational story about the power of faith, belief and second chances.  You will undoubtedly find yourself rooting for Vincent the underdog as he discovers the magic of having a true mentor.

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